Why homes leak

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We look at materials and design features that contribute to leaky buildings and some of the potential health risks of leaky homes.

Background to the problem

We explain why there are leaky homes in New Zealand and identify the main causes of leaking.
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Risk factors

There are some building designs or features that are most likely to result in a leaky building.
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Radiata pine has been used in New Zealand homes since the 1950s. We look at when untreated radiata might have been used in homes and the effects of moisture on treated and untreated timber.
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Wall claddings

Some claddings are more likely to be associated with leaky building problems. We look at the claddings most at risk and how they are applied to the house.
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Health risks

Dampness and some mould or fungi can have serious health implications for some people living in a leaky home.
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Maintaining your home

If your home could have problems with weathertightness, you need to be especially vigilant in your maintenance checks - particularly in regard to potentially unsafe balconies, balustrudes, decks, car decks and mould. 
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