Interior maintenance

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Your home is probably your most valuable asset. Regular maintenance is needed to ensure it holds its value and remains safe and comfortable to live in.

Throughout these pages you will find safety tips from ACC’s Thinksafe campaign. These tips will help you to make your home safer for you and those you live with.

Living and sleeping

Regular preventative maintenance inside your home will extend the life of materials and appliances and could improve the health of your household. Read more»

Combating dampness

A damp home is hard to heat and can make you and your children sick. Damp homes are associated with increased numbers of doctor’s visits for respiratory problems such as asthma. Dampness encourages mould and mildew which can also harm your health. Read more»

Borer and other pests

Borer can weaken timber. Long-term, it can threaten the structure of parts of your home. Read more»

Windows and doors

Windows and doors need regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them weatherproof and in good working order. Read more»

Roof space

Get up into your roofspace once a year to check that all is well. Use your ladder safely and walk or crawl only on ceiling joists. Read more»


Whether it's concrete or highly polished rimu, a bit of regular maintenance will help keep your floor looking good.
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Kitchens & bathrooms

The kitchen, laundry and bathroom are high-use areas. Many of the problems you’ll encounter are plumbing or moisture-related. You’ll also have to deal with damage and wear and tear on the fixtures and fittings.
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